We need to stop exaggerating fatness. Calling slightly curvy actresses “plus size” is simply doing more harm than good. 

Just to be abundantly clear, I love a lot of the actresses on this list and it’s not their fault they’ve been labeled this way. But none of these women are close to being over a 14 US dress size, which is the literal definition of being “plus size.” 

All these actresses have been labeled plus size either by magazine articles or Google searches. I’m going to use these examples to show how deluded mainstream media is when it comes to defining curvy as plus size.

Read my article here for a look at the actresses who are indeed, plus size!

christina hendricks

She was awesome in Mad Men as a busty secretary with the look of someone who was not going to take any s*** but sorry Hollywood, big boobs does not equal plus size.

rebel wilson

She sure used to be plus size, and take nothing away from her weight loss, she’s always been a hilarious actor in anything I’ve seen her in, but these days Rebel Wilson definitely can’t be defined as such.

mia tyler

It’s a head scratcher, I know, seeing her listed on Google as an actress of size. Curvy? Yes! Plus size? Come on!

kate upton

I think there’s like a special category for women who get called plus size because they have big boobs, because there’s kind of a trend developing here? She has a great pair, really, kudos to Kate, but to me, as someone who actually identifies as fat, she is barely curvy, thanks!

toccara jones

She may be the curviest of the women on this list, but I would stop short of calling her anything more. Still, that’s a hell of a figure she has!

I’ve written before about the fact that I’m not a massive fan of the fatness spectrum and anyone should feel free to identify as fat as they wish, but the thing is, all these women have never publicly, to my knowledge, claimed to be anything more than curvy! So please, everyone, let’s stop exaggerating fatness and give proper descriptions to these awesome women!