👋 I’m Amelia. I consider myself to be a tall woman, and a plus size woman. Sometimes, I feel society wants me to exist as either one of those, but not as both.

So, I started this site to normalize being both tall, and fat. I intend it to be a safe space where I, and others like myself, can share our thoughts, experience, and advice when it comes to various aspects of lifestyle and fashion as a tall plus size woman.

my story

As someone who’s been big and tall since childhood, I’m aware that as tall plus women, we’re often scrutinized for things completely out of our control and as a result we often feel like a literal elephant in the room, to use a bad metaphor.

I used to be extremely self-loathing about body image. By the time I was 13, I had grown to 5’11” and was taller than some of my male teachers at school. Not only that, but I was bigger and heavier than almost all the boys in my class… Of course, it was school, so there was some teasing but it was less about that and more about the way I felt I should look.

The way mainstream media depicted, and still does depict, large women made me feel insignificant and like I was constantly doing something wrong. Growing up, I was not happy. I used to try so hard not to have full body photos taken of me because I thought I looked like an ogre, taller and wider than everyone else in the photo. Thanks to the help of many women that you’ll see featured on my site, I was able to realize that not only is there nothing wrong with being large, it’s actually something to be celebrated. I began to idolize both tall women, plus size women, and tall plus size women in my final few years of high school, the teasing stopped then too, and so began my journey to body enlightenment.

The road was not smooth, but I’m now the happiest I’ve ever been. That’s really why I started this site. I felt like I owed a lot of the women for helping me through some tough times and I hope my words can give inspiration to others who felt like I did, whether that’s teenagers still in school or grown women. The body positive movement is happening people, and I plan to put this site at the forefront of it.

Now, as I embrace life as a tall plus, I strive to empower others and as well as general blogs I’m putting together specific tall plus size fashion guides. It seems many brands expect tall women to be thin, and fat women to be short, and their sizing often reflects this. I know how frustrating it can be to find the right outfit, so myself and the writers here will be putting together recommendations that are sure to fit and make you feel glam.

couple things about the terminology on the site

Note: I choose to refer to myself as “fat” as I don’t see it as a derogatory term, it’s a descriptive word once used to make me feel insignificant, that I’ve now reclaimed and own with zero shame whatsoever. I am fat. I’m also worthy and deserving.

Note #2: I want to shine a spotlight on those women who helped me achieve body enlightenment. I’m tall and fat, but I will also s/o big women who are shorter, as well as tall women who are skinnier. There is no patent on body size when it comes to being body confident and I am inspired by a variety of women with different types of bodies.

Note #3 (promise this is the last freaking one): I choose to list women’s heights and weights/dress sizes not to shame them, but to frame them as part of the conversation I’m starting: these are not measurements to be ashamed of, they are to be wholly celebrated.

My friends also contribute some articles to the site too.

Do you have suggestions, article ideas, comments, or just want to say hey? Get in touch! I promise I’ll try and respond to all queries within 24 hours.

Email: tallpluslife AT gmail DOT COM.