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so, what’s tall plus life?

Inclusivity is a word we hear a lot of these days. Yet, as a tall, plus size woman, it can often be hard to fully get on board with inclusivity when brands, men, and society as a whole don’t cater to you.

Tall Plus Life strives to empower tall fat women. We frame various aspects of fat and height acceptance such as activism, attitude, lifestyle, and fashion as part of a wider discussion on body confidence and how women like ourselves are viewed. 

When it comes to fashion, it seems many brands expect tall women to be thin, and fat women to be short, and their sizing often reflects this. We know how frustrating it can be to find the right outfit, so we put together recommendations that are sure to fit and make you feel glam. As we move into fall and cooler weather, our round-up guides on things like plus size cowgirl boots and tall plus size jeans give suggestions on how to build stylish outfits for any budget. And we’ve got you covered for when it gets REALLY cold too, with our roundups of staples like tall plus size winter coats.


What we promote:

Body positivity // Positive in mind, positive in body. Every body is beautiful; there is absolutely no body shaming here.

Calling out under or misrepresentation // It’s important to make sure brands and businesses who aren’t inclusive are held accountable.

Women who inspire us to love ourselves // The writers here are tall and fat. We mostly s/o women that are both tall and fat, because these are women who inspired us to achieve body enlightenment. This is 100% not intended to discriminate against big women who are shorter, or tall women who are skinny.

Lifestyle inspiration for all // We’ll post blogs that are inclusive of all women of size, be they tall or curvy, not just tall BBWs.

The word “fat” // Here, we choose to refer to ourselves as “fat” as we don’t see it as a derogatory term, it’s a descriptive word, and we’re fat. We’re also worthy and deserving. We are, of course, sensitive to others’ opinions on the word and will also refer to women as “plus size” or “curvy” if they don’t explicitly refer to themselves as fat.

What we don’t do:

Discriminate // While this site primarily focuses on women of both height and size, we want to make it clear that every body is beautiful; there is absolutely no body shaming here.